Arrest and Default Warrants

Arrest and Default Warrant Attorney 

Two common warrants in Massachusetts are the arrest warrant and the default warrant. The arrest warrant is an order from the court naming a particular person and ordering the police to arrest that person and bring him before the court to answer pending criminal charges. The default warrant is an order of court issued against a defendant for failing to appear at court proceeding. If a warrant exists and the defendant is aware of such a warrant, he should immediately appear before the court with counsel present. By surrendering to the court the defendant faces the possibility of being held with or without bail. Attorney DeVito is familiar with the procedures necessary to minimize bail.

Why You Need and Attorney

John E DeVito, Esq. has represented many individuals from around the country and outside of the United States who have had arrest warrants issued against them and have had default warrants issued for failing to appear in court. In many of the less serious cases he has been able to remove the default, recall the warrants and resolve the case without the defendant appearing in Massachusetts. More serious cases will require the defendant to appear to remove the default and proceed with the case. Being in default has many potential consequences including being arrested and held by a court outside of Massachusetts until such time as Massachusetts authorities can make arrangements to have the defendant returned to Massachusetts. In less serious matters a default warrant in Massachusetts can prevent a defendant from obtaining or renewing a driver's license in his or her home state. Whatever the case may be, the defendant needs to appear before the court or have competent counsel such as Attorney DeVito appear for him in order to remove the default and recall the warrant.

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