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In 2008, Massachusetts passed the Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative, also known as Question 2, a law decriminalizing the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Instead of a criminal offense, this is now a civil infraction punishable by a $100 fine. The law also limits the ability of the police to search individuals in this situation because personal possession of marijuana is no longer considered a crime.

There is still significant controversy surrounding this law and how it is interpreted by law enforcement. If you possessed less than an ounce of marijuana, but were searched and charged with a drug crime, such as intent to distribute or distribution, speak with a lawyer today. John E. DeVito Esq. of DeVito and Visconti, P.A. is an experienced criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer who has represented thousands of people during his career. He can assist you with all state drug crime charges. To make an appointment with a Dedham marijuana possession defense attorney, please call 508-517-1800 or contact us online.

Arrested With More Than an Ounce of Marijuana?

Despite the passage of the Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative, marijuana crimes are still aggressively prosecuted in Massachusetts. If you are arrested with more than an ounce of marijuana, you can face criminal charges. Depending on the amount you possess, you may be charged with drug trafficking and/or intent to distribute.

In all drug cases, it is critical to review police procedure, including the search and seizure. If law enforcement lacked probable cause to stop your vehicle or search you, your vehicle or your residence, Mr. DeVito may be able to argue for suppression of the evidence or dismissal of the charges. With more than 30 years of criminal law experience, he knows what to look for when examining the case against you.

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