The Importance of Your Right to Counsel

The Sixth and the Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution guarantee the right of anyone facing state or federal criminal charges to representation by an attorney. If one cannot afford a lawyer, one can request that an attorney be appointed free of charge.

The importance of skilled legal representation upon arrest cannot be overstated. Newton criminal defense attorney John E. DeVito, Esq. protects the rights of clients during questioning and throughout the critical points in the legal process. Even individuals who are innocent of all charges need the protection of criminal defense lawyers to ensure they avoid self-incrimination or other errors that can result in unfavorable results.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Newton protect your rights throughout the criminal process

Most people are aware of both their right to remain silent and the right to an attorney upon arrest. But they do not realize that representation by a criminal defense lawyer ensures that all rights are preserved during every critical point in the criminal process.

In addition to remaining by your side during all questioning, criminal defense lawyers attend all hearings, negotiate with the prosecuting attorneys for your release or a reduction of charges, and diligently work to refute evidence against you if your case goes to court. Every criminal charge has potentially serious consequences-do not try to handle your own defense.

You must explicitly request your right to an attorney

Your right to an attorney must be requested. Do not expect police to voluntarily hand you a phone to call an attorney. And simply remaining silent does not stop police from asking questions. As soon as you are told you are under arrest, be sure to tell police that you wish to remain silent, you want all questioning to stop-and you want a lawyer.

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