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You May Be Facing Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Conviction of firearms and weapons charges is a serious matter. Massachusetts state law has mandatory minimum jail or prison sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm or weapon. In addition, if the firearm or weapon was carried or used during the commission of a crime, the penalties for conviction of that crime may be increased.

Do not try to fight a weapons violation charge on your own. This is a complex legal matter that leaves no room for mistakes. As a former prosecutor, John E. DeVito Esq. of DeVito and Visconti, P.A. understands how the state prosecutes these cases and how the sentencing guidelines may apply to each case. He will work diligently to get the charges reduced or, when possible, dismissed. You can rely on his dedication to clients and his aggressive defense. To make an appointment with a Dedham weapons charges attorney, please call 508-517-1800 or contact us online.

A Minor Violation Can Endanger Your Future

Dangerous weapons and illegal weapons can include a wide range of items such as handguns, automatic firearms, sawed-off shotguns, knives and billy clubs. Simply possessing some of these items can result in a weapons charge. Possessing a legal firearm can be a crime if you violate or are accused of violating any of the regulations governing gun use.

Attorney DeVito represents individuals charged with firearm and weapons violations such as:

  • Carrying a concealed firearm
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Possession of an illegal weapon
  • Expired firearm license
  • Use of a firearm or other weapon to commit a crime
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon
  • Armed robbery

If you are arrested for any crime while in possession of a weapon, whether or not you used the weapon, you will likely face enhanced penalties during sentencing. To protect your rights and your future, it is advisable to work with a tough, experienced defense lawyer.

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