Dedham Suspended Driver's License Lawyer

Serving the Eastern Massachusetts area

If your motor vehicle license has been suspended or you are facing possible suspension, you need a qualified attorney on your side.

Dedham criminal defense lawyer John E. DeVito, Esq. has spent the past 30 years representing clients like you. As a result, he knows how to navigate the red tape of the Registry of Motor Vehicles and can assist you in—

  • Avoiding a suspension
  • Minimizing the length of a suspension
  • Securing a hardship license
  • Correcting errors on your driving record

Hardship licenses

In some cases, including DUI/OUI cases, the Registry of Motor Vehicles issues hardship licenses. These restricted licenses allow you to drive during certain time periods so you can continue to work. Applicants for hardship licenses must state their case before a hearings officer. If your request for a hardship license is denied, you can go before the board of appeals. Dedham criminal defense attorney Mr. DeVito will ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation in place to expedite the process and secure the hardship license.

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If you need assistance with a motor vehicle registration matter, Dedham criminal lawyer John E. DeVito, Esq. can help. Mr. DeVito represents clients in Boston, Dedham, Wrentham, Stoughton, Quincy, Waltham, Woburn, Newton, Framingham, Natick and other cities in Middlesex & Norfolk County, MA. For immediate assistance, contact John E. DeVito, Esq. at 508-517-1800 today.